• What Can a Professional Translation Agency Do for You?

    When developing global markets, or dealing with overseas customers and partners you need the professional services of a trusted translation and localization agency.  Our goal is to add value to your translation services to help you succeed in a competitive global marketplace.  At Bai Nien, we provide long-term planning, professional skills, and specialized translation software to give a strategic advantage over the competition.

    Here are a few reasons why you should do business with Bai Nien:

    1. Professional Quality

    The service team at our agency is comprised of professionals from a diversified field of expertise.  Regardless of your line of business, our knowledgeable team members are able to reach customers in their native language.  To ensure quality, translators work in compliance with professional standards and submit their finished translations for review by the proofreaders/editors.  In addition, Bai Nien provides satisfaction guaranteed after-sale service in case of any translation issues.

    2. Localization Experience

    Bai Nien can advise you on all aspects of your internationalization and localization plans.  To avoid any cultural misunderstanding or confusion, we can assist in making your advertisements, marketing materials, and product brochures more suitable for target readers.  Keeping cultural connotations in mind, we carefully select the best wording, tone, expression, and conceptual flow specifically for the purpose of your project.

    3. Effective Use of Human Resources

    A professional translation agency can help manage your translation and localization projects more efficiently. Using your internal staff to work on translation means depriving them of time to focus on your business and sometimes compromising translation quality. When resources are stretched, work is rushed out, and mistakes are made as deadlines approach. In contrast, allowing your staff to concentrate on the tasks in which they can be most effective and allying with a professional translation agency ensure optimal results.

    Freelance translators are not always available to respond promptly to requests. The broad pool of professional linguists that a professional translation agency can access will ensure punctual delivery of work even in the face of enormous workloads and highly specialized projects. Multiple translators may be arranged to work together when deadlines are tight. In addition, seasoned translators can be found who have expertise in your particular business.

    Focus on your work and leave translation to our professionals – this is efficiency!

    4. Translation Resources

    A professional translation agency also has access to different software and databases for managing translation projects. These tools may help develop translation memories that offer significant benefits for your translation tasks over using only Microsoft Word and Excel. These resources not only help reduce costs and time spent on translation, but also help maintain a high level of consistency across your translation projects.

    Nevertheless, such tools are generally complicated and expensive, and require constant updates. This demands considerable investment if you are doing translation internally. By partnering with a professional translation agency, you can enjoy all these benefits without making any capital investment or worrying about employee training or tool obsolescence.

    5. Consistency

    The challenges of doing translation in-house as a company expands concern more than just resources and manpower. Another major problem is maintaining consistency of translation. Maintaining consistency is virtually impossible if translation is performed on an ad-hoc basis. For example, where one translator writes “detouring tube,” another may refer to the same object as a “bypassing tube.” This inconsistency of wording can be very confusing for customers, especially when different products are nearly identical or when customers are used to a certain method of expression.

    A professional translation agency that works on a project basis may step in to help by developing glossaries, using translation tools, and establishing language style, thereby maintaining consistency of language and translation style. Again, the costs and time required to achieve this make cooperation with a professional translation agency a smart choice.

    For all these reasons, it is clear that a long-term partnership with a professional translation agency means saving time and costs, expanding customer bases, boosting international competitiveness, and positioning yourself well for the global market. We cordially invite you to contact us for any questions you may have.

    At Bai Nien, we are confident that we can assist you with excellent quality service at a competitive price for your translation and globalization needs.