Document Translation & Editing

We differentiate ourselves from the competition by simply ensuring that we stay true to our core values.  As a result, we have attained a high level of repeat business from satisfied customers for more than 20 years.  With quality as the cornerstone of our translation and localization services, we have attained a 97% customer satisfaction rate among clients in our most recent survey.

As of last year Bai Nien has helped businesses, governments, and non-profit agencies convey a vast range of subject-specific messages in over 50 foreign languages.

Bringing a message to the global stage is a challenging feat.  Choosing Bai Nien gives customers the confidence that their translations are in good hands.


Bai Nien offers a wide variety of Interpretation services for various types of events.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is usually employed for events where a large amount of information is conveyed, as this mode of interpretation is less time consuming than others.

This is a process of interpretation where the participants wear headphones, and the interpreter translates into the target language as the speaker is talking.  Simultaneous interpreters always work in teams of two in a sound-proof environment, as this requires a high level of concentration and attention to detail.

Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is a more personal style of interpretation that is recommended for situations where less people and information is involved.

Consecutive interpretation works by allowing speakers to finish ideas before beginning to render the message into the target language.

Over-The-Phone Interpretation

Over-The-Phone Interpretation is the straightforward process of communicating a message via the telephone or internet.  This allows for instantaneous communication between individuals in multiple languages.

Escort Interpretation

Escort Interpretation is the process of bilateral communication between two parties.  In short, an escort interpreter makes sure that all parties can understand everything that is being communicated.

As the name suggests, escort interpreters are available to accompany clients while traveling on trips.  This form of interpreting is generally regarded as suitable for the least formal situations.  They help clients navigate cultural differences as well, and may be used for any purpose from conducting a tour to assisting in business meetings.


Asian languages: Chinese(Traditional/Simplified), Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Indian, Malay, Cambodian, etc.

American and European languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Greek, Ukrainian, Czech, Hungarian, etc.

Others: Arabic, Latin and other special languages

Interpretation Process



The client specifies interpretation requirements in advance, including time and location, language, content, type of interpretation, and qualification of the interpreter.



Based on the client’s information and requirements, our staff makes an assessment and provides a quotation.

3.Order Confirmation


The client confirms the order by signing a contract or making a down payment. A competent interpreter is assigned.



Confirmation is made with the client on time, location, and related information. These are forwarded to the interpreter for preparation of the job.

5.Final confirmation


Reconfirm with the client on any changes before the job.



The interpreter arrives at the specified time and location for the job.

7.Review & improvement


A survey is conducted on the quality of service for review and improvement.