FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

  • Charges

    What are the criteria for calculating unit price?

    In general, our rate varies depending on the word count of the original text, the subject matter, the level of difficulty, and the delivery date. In cases where a specialist translator is needed, or when the difficulty is assessed as high, the unit price will be adjusted.  Additional tasks, such as typesetting, will also affect the unit price.

    Do you accept small translation requests?

    Yes.  We welcome assignments of any size. Due to fixed operating costs, cases are generally charged at a minimum rate of NT$1000.

    If the job is canceled before completion, can I get a refund?

    We will charge based on the percentage of completion.

    Special requests

    Can we ask for a specific translator for the job?

    Certainly! Please inform us when you put in your request in order for us to make arrangements.

    Can we specify translations for certain technical terms?

    Yes, but please inform us before the job begins. Failure to do so may incur additional charges.

    Date of delivery

    How much time is needed for translation?

    To ensure quality translation, our estimation of delivery time usually covers the time necessary for translation and proofreading. In general, a translator’s average daily output is about 2000 words. However, this varies depending on the level of difficulty of the original text and the subject matter. Please consult our staff for the exact date of delivery. We will provide you with an estimated date based on the original text as soon as possible.

    In urgent cases, is it possible to shorten the translation time?

    We will do our best to accommodate your needs by treating your case as urgent. If necessary, we will allocate several translators to work at the same time to meet your requested deadline. However, please be aware that shortening operating time may compromise quality due to lack of proofreading and increase charges.

    Form of delivery

    Can I specify the format of the translated text?

    We usually deliver projects in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF formats. Please inform us of any other needs when placing your order.

    How do you deliver the projects? 

    We will deliver by either email or fax as requested by the client. You can also visit our office to collect the finished project in person.

    After-sales services

    If I have issues with the translated text, can I ask for a revision?

    We follow strict operating standards and take full responsibility for the translated products we deliver. For any problematic translation, we provide free after-sales service by rechecking and revising the translation as soon as possible, provided no change is made to either the original or translated text.

    Even though the translation is correct, I want to change the phrasing. Can I ask for a revision?

    If a specific expression or style is required, please inform us before the job begins so that we can follow your instructions when proceeding with the translation. Failure to inform us in advance may incur additional charges.


    Can you provide a certificate of translation?

    We can issue a certificate of translation for official documents from government agencies. Our company fulfills its obligation to ensure accurate translation, but bears no legal responsibility for the translation.